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KinohimitsuKinohimitsu KilosCut 30sx2 [2mths Supply] * Curb Cravings * Enhance Fat Metabolism [Slimming]

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*IMPT NOTICE* Refunds/Returns (PLS READ) Seller 2018-05-07
Return and Exchange Policy. Seller 2016-04-12
Manufacturer/Place of origin Kinohimitsu / Taiwan Condition New Product
Shipping From From Overseas (Singapore)
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Apr 24, 2020
apr*** (SG )

Highly Recommend Recommended

Fast delivery.. hope it works..

Receive:KilosCut 30s x 2 mths supply

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Apr 10, 2020
cry*** (SG )
Apr 10, 2020
Kes*** (SG )

Highly Recommend KilosCut 30s×2 (2mths supply)

Fast delivery. Come with free gift.

Receive:KilosCut 30s x 2 mths supply

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Apr 08, 2020
shu*** (SG )

Highly Recommend Good to buy if have promotion

Good to buy if have promotion

Receive:KilosCut 30s x 2 mths supply

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Apr 04, 2020
aye*** (SG )

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Item Q&A(23)
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NOTICE *IMPT NOTICE* Refunds/Returns (PLS READ) Seller
NOTICE Return and Exchange Policy. Seller
FAQ Can pregnant/breastfeeding women take this product? Seller

Dear customer, as pregnant and breastfeeding women may experience different hormonal or physiological changes, it is recommended to consult your doctor before taking any nutritional products.

FAQ When can I expect to receive my order? Seller

Dear customer, please be informed that the order processing and delivery process will take up to 3-5 working days upon the date of purchase. Hope this clarifies. :)

FAQ Can I request for delivery during a specific timing? Seller

Dear customer, sorry, we are unable to arrange the delivery timing as it is managed by Qxpress. The delivery personnel will contact you upon delivery and you can make the necessary arrangement for redelivery with them directly should you be unable to receive it. If you like to have a specific delivery timing or same day delivery. please choose QxQuick as your preferred shipping.

FAQ How can I check the delivery status/ shipping date of my items? Seller

Dear customer, kindly click My Qoo10 available on the top of the Qoo10 page; Recent Orders; Shipping Info. You will be able to keep track of the delivery status of your parcel and the expected date of delivery.

38631584 Inquiry from shu**** shu******* 2020-05-08 Unanswered
38280728 Inquiry for the item from ina**** ina******* 2020-04-13 Answered
  when restock?

[Re] Inquiry for the item from ina****
Dear customer, Kiloscut will be replenished but we are unable to provide ETA for the new shipment yet at the moment. Thank you.

37956196 Inquiry for the item from eil**** eil******* 2020-03-11 Answered
  Suitable for vegetarian

[Re] Inquiry for the item from eil****
Dear customer, Kiloscut is suitable for vegetarian. Thank you.

37943616 Inquiry from typ**** typ******* 2020-03-09 Answered
  Hi seller,

May I know which do you recommend for cutting down on waistline area & bodyfat? Is it kiloscut or cof?

Thank you.

[Re] Inquiry from typ****
Dear customer, you may consider Kinohimitsu COF or/and Kiloscut for weight management.

Kinohimitsu COF functions to bind and reduce fats absorption. It is effective in reducing abdominal fat and visceral fat, increase fullness, improve body metabolism, promote calorie burning and subsequently helps to slim down. It is suitable for food lovers and also individual who loves fried and high-fat foods, takes late dinner or supper, dine out often, binge eater and those with beer belly.

While Kinohimitsu Kiloscut functions to help curb cravings, increase fullness, reduce fat and carbohydrate absorption, enhance fat metabolism, reduce body weight and visceral fat, reduce waist and hip and also increase good bacteria. It is suitable for individuals who love carbohydrate food (eg. rice, noodles, breads, cakes, sugary beverages etc.).

Both products can be taken on the same day and best taken 30 minutes before meal. Hope this clarifies!

37928797 Inquiry for the item from sev**** sev******* 2020-03-08 Answered

Can arrange collect at shop?


[Re] Inquiry for the item from sev****
Dear customer, we are so regret to inform that self-collection is unavailable. Thank you.

37624681 Inquiry for the item from kih**** kih******* 2020-02-09 Answered
  Will it be ok if i mix it with water ahead of time (2-3hours) before consumption? Will it affect its effectiveness?

[Re] Inquiry for the item from kih****
We would suggest to consume directly upon preparation. Thanks.

37410311 Inquiry for the item from she**** she******* 2020-01-15 Answered
  I’m buying kilo cut, cof and plum juice. May I know how to consume? Like one for morning and one for evening ?

[Re] Inquiry for the item from she****
Dear customer, we would recommend you to take one sachet of Kiloscut 30 mins before normal meal ( rice, bread, noodles...) , one sachet of COF 30 mins before the heaviest meal ( oily/ fried food, buffet...), depends on your meals. Take 1 bottle detox plum juice 2-4 hours before planning of defecation, for 6 days consecutively, then maintain with 1-3 bottles per week. Thank.

37378903 Inquiry for the item from tan**** tan******* 2020-01-12 Answered
  Hi, I’m quite curious and confuse how am I going to make this work. I’m going to order kiloscut, diamond night, diamond, prune(6s), UV bright, stem cell + collagen powder, bird’s nest etc.

So currently I’m on BB drink, daily.

So before the kiloscut, I would take the prune detox first, correct? And when I finished my 6 dose of prune, do I do kiloscut alone or can I mix with other bottled collagen drink?
Or what’s best recommended?

And can the bird’s nest w collagen be mixed with another bottled collagen?

Can those 2 days 1 bottle maintenance become daily a bottle? And if one day’s intake is more than a bottle, is there any potential harm? Or it’s just gonna be wasted collagen intake?

Do enlighten me... I know this sounds confusing... I’m confused how ppl mix and match them...

[Re] Inquiry for the item from tan****
Dear customer, we would suggest you to take 1 bottle BB DRink beofre breakfast, 1 bottle UV Bright before going outdoor, 1 sachet KilosCut 30 mins bfore normal meal ( rice, noodles, breads..). One bottle of collagen drink before sleep. As for Detox Plum Juice and Birds`nest, you can take them anytime with minimum one hour interval in between other supplements. Detox plum juice 2-4 nours beofre planning of defecation. For collagen drink, we woudl suggets take one type fo collagen drink ( Collagen Diamond/Diamond NIte/Marine Collagen/Stem Cell) per day and consume them on daily basis. There is no reported side effects unless you are allergy to any ingredient/s. Thanks.